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The reality of Anemia
The reality of AnemiaWhen blood has a lack of hemoglobin or red blood cells, a condition called anemia is developed. Hemoglobin is responsible for oxygen transport. It is the main part of red blood cells. If you have abnormal or too few red blood cells or lack or too much of hemoglobin, your cells won’t get enough…
How much sleep do we actually need ?
How much sleep do we actually need ?Some experts say that we all need at least 5 hours of good night sleep. What will happen if we don't sleep enough ?Of course we would feel exhausted and tired, and if we are working or studying we wouldn't have enough concentration, but is it all ?Yes it is, if we are talking about the present, but…

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The Idiocy of the Palaeontological Diet
The Idiocy of the Palaeontological DietTo start this article, a nifty fact, lactose intolerant are actually less developed human beings. This isn't meant in a cruel sense, just that they don't have the mutation to process dairy products like the majority of the human race now has. This single fact encapsulates why the palaeontological…Read More
The non-food diet
The non-food dietImagine this, a Matrix type future where all we have is to eat is a formulated substance of all the nutrients and minerals necessary for human development and maintenance. A future where we no longer have to worry about nasty tasty healthy foods and the addictive nature of tasty but unhealthy…Read More
Tips on Dieting
Tips on DietingToday the world we are leaving in is full of images of perfect women as portrayed by the magazines. Daily we are bombarded with images of skinny or perfect women. This leaves us with insecure feelings about our own image.Take for example at the red carpet, we see all these celebrities with perfect…Read More

The Three Hour Diet
The Three Hour DietThe three hour diet was invented by Jorge Cruise. He lost 40 pounds of weight! This diet is designed to remove belly fat. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who have belly fat, have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes! Many diets are used especially to remove the belly fat, but the three…Read More
What is at Your Table?
What is at Your Table?Your health is very important. There are many ways by which to avoid getting involved in diets that will not generally help your health. Here are some of those ways for you to keep eating healthy always. The other factor you should be worried about is whether you are getting this right. The tips…Read More
Food Lovers Dietary Plans
Food Lovers Dietary PlansThe food plans that are good for people interested in taking food without their body weight requirements hindering them currently have food plans flexible which are enough. Dietary plans used to be so restrictive. This repelled a lot of the people who used to try to stick to, as they were required…Read More

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