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HIV/AIDSHIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) causes AIDS. This virus attacks our immune system, and after some period it can complete destroy it! This means that our body is at risk of getting cancers and infections. People infected with this virus, cannot be cured, and they will carry that virus for life! …
CholesterolYour body needs cholesterol. It is produced by the liver and it comes from some food. Food like eggs and red meat contains high levels of cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol. LDL or bad cholesterol is responsible for cluttering the arteries, heart disease, stroke and other condition. The…

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The Three Hour Diet
The Three Hour DietThe three hour diet was invented by Jorge Cruise. He lost 40 pounds of weight! This diet is designed to remove belly fat. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who have belly fat, have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes! Many diets are used especially to remove the belly fat, but the three…Read More
What is at Your Table?
What is at Your Table?Your health is very important. There are many ways by which to avoid getting involved in diets that will not generally help your health. Here are some of those ways for you to keep eating healthy always. The other factor you should be worried about is whether you are getting this right. The tips…Read More
Food Lovers Dietary Plans
Food Lovers Dietary PlansThe food plans that are good for people interested in taking food without their body weight requirements hindering them currently have food plans flexible which are enough. Dietary plans used to be so restrictive. This repelled a lot of the people who used to try to stick to, as they were required…Read More

Failure in Diet
Failure in DietPeople with dietary sometimes face a failure. It could be happening if they are only practicing but do not even want to learn the real meaning of diet. Diet is comprehensive in term of food consumption, food choices and also a suitable time to take food. Here, some of taboos when you in dietary…Read More
Different Types of Dietary Fats
Different Types of Dietary FatsFats are the nutrients that are energy rich and high in calories. 1 gram of fat provides 9 calories. Fat is important for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K. There are different types of fat, some are healthy and some are unhealthy. Saturated fat is considered to…Read More
2 Reasons to Try Medifast as a Diet Jumpstart
2 Reasons to Try Medifast as a Diet JumpstartMedifast is a popular replacement diet that includes 5 instruction meals and one green and lean personalized meal daily. Initially, Medifast was meant to be a long-term weight loss diet plan. However, there is now the option of using it as a diet jumpstart for your weight loss. This would give you…Read More

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